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Ankaa is the proper name of the star Phoenicis. It is the alpha star of the constellation Phoenix, the brightest. The piece is conceived as a floating body-object in space, which invites interaction while arousing a chain of sensations, from suspicion and strangeness to the unexpected. Its Ankaa structure allows a type of immersion that goes beyond simple vision. Viewers can enter their face which leads to their image multiplying. This sequential effect generates the feeling of infinite space and opens up a virtual scenario, while for a second opening the opposite effect occurs: they penetrate the images of outer space that surrounds the second viewer, as a kind of "splinter of reality ". 


Ankaa, 2015

site specific installation

mirror, wood

24 x 24 x 94 in


*Project carried out with the support of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey (MARCO), Mexico.

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