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Julia Carrillo Escalera_Almaaz-Ext 2.jpg
Julia Carrillo Escalera_Almaaz-Ext.jpg
Julia Carrillo Escalera_Almaaz-Int 2.jpg
Julia Carrillo Escalera_Almaaz-Int.jpg

Almaaz are two devices found in one piece. From an entrance you can see large spheres, glittering stars in a void of reflections; the other window extends a floating universe of bodies in infinite space. An atmosphere of light polyhedra floods the entire space.

The structure of the piece allows both scenes to be contrasted and, in turn, each one generates the feeling of an expanded interior. The six mirrors that are used exert a constant rebounding dynamics of reflections and, consequently, unusual spatial simulations.


Almaaz, 2015

site specific installation

Mirrors, wood.

15.35 x 15.35  x 41.73 in



*This work won the Audience Award at the XII Biennial of FEMSA  (Monterrey, Mexico).

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