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Forma y apariencia

Forma y apariencia is an immersive artwork that focuses on the displacement of points of view and, consequently, on a peculiar interaction with the virtual image. When the spectator enters a simple structure with three mirrored walls and begins to walk through the space, they can observe different versions of a polyhedron. At a specific point of the displacement, a sculpture of light can be perceived, described as a virtual cube floating in space. If the point of view is changed, immediately a flat figure is noticed, then again the corner of the polyhedron and thus the image is modified. The rebounds that come and go within a specific geometry create an immaterial sculpture that sets a dialogue between form and appearance.


Forma y apariencia, 2021

mirrors, plaster board walls, white paint

5 x 4.5 x 4 m


*Project supported by Arte Abierto.

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