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Luz instante

An instant is a period of time that is singled out in an emotional way. It is very brief and unrepeatable, like the moments of incidence of sunlight that we receive daily. The lighting conditions vary from second to second and the day becomes a sum of instants of light that connect us emotionally with our environment. That emotional, ephemeral and at the same time cyclical quality of sunlight is the reason for this artwork.


The piece is made up by two groups of elements: a series of translucent objects suspended in space and mirrors located at specific points near the entrance to the gallery. The mirrors receive the sunlight and guide it towards the prisms, generating a sequential narration of reflections that walk on the floor and climb the walls. Despite how fixed the structures are, the sensation received is one of unpredictable movement. Every day there is a dance of light, with a choreography that is improvised at the moment. The path of a cloud, for example, responds to that random condition of the natural that could pause the display of reflections.


Luz instante, 2021

installation- 10 acrylic prisms, 10 mirrors

variable dimensions

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