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Sirio it is the proper name of the star Alfa Canis Maioris. It is the brightest of all the night sky seen from Earth and its flashes can be observed from almost anywhere on the planet, without the use of a telescope. Sirius, the one that shines in many colors and always visible at the top, became a pretext for this immersive work.

The piece is conceived as an optical device designed with three mirror walls, a light entrance in the upper area and a structural design that allows spectators to enter. The contrast between the real and the fictitious or the physical and the virtual is intensified with the presence of the multiplied reflection of the viewer.


Sirio, 2015

specific site installation

mirror, wood

157.48 x 137.79 x  196.06 in 

*Project carried out through the 2014 Support Program for the Production and Research in Art and Media of the Multimedia Center of the National Center for the Arts (PAPIAM).

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